8 factors to consider when you have decided to move into WA

8 factors to consider when you have decided to move into WA

According to statistics, 60% of Australians move at least twice after finishing college. Most of these moves are around the country, and nearly all of them are to a different town or city. So, should you be thinking about joining this group, here are 8 factors how to fit into WA.

  1. Once you have decided why you want to WA, the next step in choosing to move there is to do some research into the career field. Is there room in the new city for you? If the market is saturated with professionals in your area of skills, will it be possible to find a job? If so, will the wages be lower because of the excess of the available workforce? The excitement of the move can fade pretty quickly if you find yourself spending lots of hours in search of a well-paid job.


  1. Your next step after deciding to move to WA is to analyse the cost of living, job security, and median income. Your new job may even be able to pay more than your present one, but that doesn’t always mean that you will be able to live better or afford a higher lifestyle. Have you checked what the average rental apartment is like and how much it will cost to live there If you do have access to public transportation, how long will your commute be? For instance, it might be a good idea to make sure that you’re fine with the idea of spending time in crowded trains or buses before you make the jump to a big city.


  1. Before selecting which city or town to live in, consider making a visit to the place for more than a few days. Instead of being just a tourist, try to become as much of a local as possible. Try shopping in neighbouring supermarkets or stores, take the bus, subway and buy some newspapers. Try to get a feeling for the place. The more questions you ask before choosing a new place to live, the easier that transition will be.


  1. Now comes the moving part of things. For many people, moving can be a stressful business, and many simply hate doing it. But, saying that, if you think ahead and pack efficiently and intelligently, moving can be made that much easier. Getting organised prior to departure will definitely make moving into a new home a great deal more pleasant. Give yourself a week or three to get this side of things organised in advance.


  1. Sensible packing is made simple when you have all of the tools that you need at your disposal. Begin with boxes. Use the uniformly sized ones which will stack neatly together. Start with a small number of big boxes, double that number of medium sized boxes, and then add a large number of smaller boxes. Many moving companies can provide you with boxes which are specifically designed for this sole purpose. Make sure to look for sturdy, durable ones which can hold up for maybe even later moves, making your investment worth the money.


  1. Packing room by room is usually the easiest way to move. By doing a room from start to finish, you can make sure that all of the items that were there can be kept together. As you work, dispose of any items that you simply no longer use or just do not want. Clutter is, after all, just clutter. Make a pile of things which can be recycled or donated to charity. Or you may even want to have a garage sale! While you fill the boxes, make sure that the space inside the box is used efficiently, and that the boxes are padded with paper or bubble wrap inside, if necessary, to prevent any chance of breakage.


  1. Labelling is a vital factor in packing. Make your labels as descriptive as possible. “Kitchen” is not descriptive, because even though it tells you that the contents belong in the kitchen, it does not inform you what might be in the box. “Kitchen — pots and pans” or “Kitchen — fine china: fragile” is much better, as it will help you load up the truck safely, and unpack it easily at the other end. Ensure that all boxes with breakables are clearly labelled “fragile,” and put them aside for final loading.


  1. After having packed the entire load, focus on loading the truck. If you are loading it yourself, make sure that the load is evenly and safely distributed. Put aside boxes of items which you will be needing straight away so that they are loaded at the end, making them easily accessible for you when you require them.


May your move to WA, go just as you planned and even better!